Pine Lake Beach Tree Poses a Unique, Exhausting Challenge


Our customers know that SteveYoung’s Tree Service can go to great lengths, and heights to trim and if necessary remove trees from their property. For one unique job a couple of weeks ago, however, we had to be careful not to fall into unexpected depths.

The owner of a waterfront home on Pine Lake asked us to remove a large but dead ash tree on the shoreline. Unfortunately, the tree was just off the beach at the bottom of an embankment. I took one look and realized we weren’t going to cut that tree down in pieces and haul it back up the embankment. Did I mention this tree was large? Clearly, this job called for an amphibious assault.

When Tree-Day dawned, we positioned a flatbed trailer at the Pine Lake boat launch about ¼ mile away from the site and hit the beach with a pontoon boat. The tree was tall and leaned over a retaining wall. If it fell, it could have damaged some of the dock area, let alone anyone who may have been walking past when it happened. If the tree did fall on its own, the uprooting may have even weakened the embankment and threatened nearby trees.

To bring the tree down safely, we had to climb up the tree and cut the trunk in about 4- to 5-foot lengths. The whole project took most of the day. As sections of the trunk fell, we began loading them onto the pontoon boat. When we loaded the boat to a safe limit, we cruised back to the boat launch and transferred the wood to the flat bed trailer.

Four times we had to make that trip. Four times we had to load the boat, then transfer the load to the trailer. It was a memorable job. My muscles still won’t let me forget about it.

Yet it’s the type of that Steve Young’s Tree Service is willing to handle. This job on Pine Lake was a challenge, but leaving the dead ash tree leaning over the docks was not an option because of the danger it posed. Having an inexperienced tree service may have been even more of a threat.

The situation required us to plan a different approach, but we handled it efficiently and safely. It’s what you should expect from a professional tree service. If you have a job that needs a tree service with a reputation for doing the job right, give us a call.

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