Why you should call a professional Ocala Tree Service company

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Often times people think that trimming a tree or hurricane or storm damage cleanup is a DIY project. And while sometimes it can be, many times it is unsafe or costly. The following are a list of common services that you should consider hiring a professional for—for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Storm Damage

As unpredictable as storms and hurricanes can be, so can the damage—and so can the safety associated with the cleanup. In addition to fallen and hanging branches, storms can leave behind worse damage such as uprooted trees and smashed roofs. Should branches fall on utility lines, your risk is much greater. Please, do not risk your life by attempting to remove the branches yourself. Our 24-hour emergency service is always on hand and ready to help restore your home and remove limbs that could cause future damage.

Another benefit of calling us? We will help you file a timely and accurate insurance claim. When it comes to storm damage, we’ve seen it all. We will assess, photograph, and give you an excellent recommendation for the steps yo take. Plus, we will accept insurance payment for our work.

Tree Pruning

We use spurless climbing to reach even the highest heights and prune your trees in a way that promotes the tree’s health. By hiring a professional, you are not putting yourself—or your tree—at risk. We can also do fruit tree pruning, balanced crown reduction, and wind sail reduction. You’re welcome to keep the wood and chips to sell for mulch and firewood. Or if you rather not the hassle, we’ll clean up after ourselves and take it with us.

Stump Removal

Got a stubborn stump? Using our powerful stump grinding equipment, we can remove any stump in a timely manner. Instead of pulling out the stump, we use our stump grinding machine to completely grind down the stump.

Utility Line Clearance

This is perhaps one of the most important tasks that you should call a professional for. This is a procedure that should not be messed around with as it could leave you with all sorts of problems including personal injury, down utilities, and expensive fines. Yet, it’s not something you should avoid having done. The best way to keep safe during a storm and keep your power on is to have any threatening branches removed before the storm hits.

View Clearance

While the most common way people clear their trees for view is by lopping off the upper portion of a tree, it’s not a financially sound decision. The reason is that this tree will continue to need pruning, fungi and insects will establish a home on the top of the tree and transfer to other trees, and property value will decrease. Instead, we offer services to artfully trim or remove the tree altogether.

Young’s Tree Services

We at Young’s Tree Services always offer free tree service estimates and affordable prices with 24/7 emergency services. We would be proud to help service your tree needs. Give us a call today at 269-365-8776 to see how we can help you.

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